Red Hat Updates OpenShift Enterprise Cloud Development Platform

Red Hat Updates OpenShift Enterprise Cloud Development Platform

Red Hat has released version 2.0 of its Open Shift Enterprise platform as a service. This is the on-premise version of its OpenShift Online cloud computing product.

The update adds a wizard-driven installer, improved External Router/Load Balancer integration and a new administration console. “What you see in OpenShift Online and what we also have in OpenShift Enterprise today is a User Console that enables individual developers to manage their own applications,” said Red Hat’s Ashesh Badani. “The new OpenShift Enterprise feature is an Admin Console that enables an administrator to get visibility into all of the applications running on OpenShift and the capacity metrics.”

In future versions of the cloud computing tool, the company plans to leverage the capabilities in more recent versions of Linux and to integrate features from its JBoss middleware.

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