Report: 87% of Enterprises Say It’s Hard to Find Talent with Open Source Skills

Report: 87% of Enterprises Say It’s Hard to Find Talent with Open Source Skills

Job hunting site and The Linux Foundation have published a new report titled “Moving Toward Professionalization: Rising Need for Open Source Skills in 2016.” It found that 59 percent of hiring managers surveyed said they were looking for open source talent, and that 87 percent were having a difficult time finding job applicants with the open source skills they needed.

“Companies are experiencing increased demand for open source talent,” the report said. “A clear majority, 65 percent, of hiring managers report open source hiring will rise more than hiring in other parts of their business over the next six months, a larger number than in past Linux jobs reports.”

Not surprisingly, open source skills, particularly those related to big data and cloud computing, are also leading to high salaries. According to Dice, some of the highest-paid open source skills include the following:

  • Cassandra–$147,811
  • OpenStack–$138,579
  • CloudStack–$138,095
  • Chef–$136,850
  • Pig–$132,850
  • MapReduce–$131,563
  • Puppet–$131,121

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