Survey Demonstrates Importance of Mobile Development, Cloud Computing

Development tool vendor Zend has released the results of its annual survey of PHP developers. Not surprisingly, mobile development and cloud computing are on the minds of most developers this year. Here are some key takeaways:

  • 91% of those surveyed are working on mobile apps, up from 66% last year.
  • 79% of those surveyed planned to use Web apps to deliver content to mobile audiences, while only 26% planned to build native apps.
  • 68% of PHP developers plan to use public cloud computing services in 2013, up from 61% last year.
  • Amazon is the most popular cloud provider, used by 51% of those surveyed.
  • 42% of large companies and 38% of small to mid-size companies say they are using tools to automate the app deployment process.
  • More than 90% of developers say they have had to work after hours or on the weekend because of an emergency with an app in production.

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