Which Programming Trends Are Hot? (And Which Are Not?)

Which Programming Trends Are Hot? (And Which Are Not?)

Like much of our society, programming is driven by trends. As new technologies create better precision, efficiency and ease of use, older technologies fall by the wayside. InfoWorld has put together a list of fifteen development trends that they say are currently “hot” and fifteen that are on their way out:


  1. Preprocessors
  2. JavaScript MV* frameworks
  3. CSS frameworks
  4. SVG + JavaScript on Canvas
  5. Almost big data (analysis without Hadoop)
  6. Game frameworks
  7. Single-page Web apps
  8. Mobile Web apps
  9. Android
  10. GPU
  11. GitHub
  12. Renting
  13. Web interfaces
  14. Node.js
  15. Hackerspaces


  1. Full language stacks
  2. JavaScript files
  3. Generic Cascading Style Sheets
  4. Flash
  5. Big data (with Hadoop)
  6. Native game development
  7. Websites
  8. Native mobile apps
  9. iOS
  10. CPU
  11. Résumés
  12. Buying
  13. IDEs
  14. JavaEE, Ruby on Rails, PHP
  15. College

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