FC Barcelona’s $132M Blockchain Deal

FC Barcelona’s $132M Blockchain Deal

FC Barcelona's $132M Blockchain Deal

FC Barcelona’s $132M Blockchain Deal

Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. have invested €120 million ($132 million) in FC Barcelona’s Barça Vision initiative. As part of the agreement, Barça Vision’s parent company, Bridgeburg Invest, will sell a 29.5% stake to the two companies. To this end, Barça Vision employs blockchain and Web3 technologies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse features to consolidate all digital content.

The club’s digital infrastructure will be strengthened by this strategic investment, allowing them to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and provide their fans with more unique and engaging content. With the help of Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V., Barça Vision will be able to expand more quickly, bringing in more money and new ideas by introducing NFTs, virtual merchandise, and immersive metaverse experiences to their global fan base.

Nipa Capital B.V. is a Dutch venture capital firm, and Libero Football Finance AG is a publicly traded German company that offers financial consulting services to soccer clubs. The partnership between the two businesses will allow them to create tailored financial solutions for professional soccer clubs. Together, Libero’s soccer financing knowledge and Nipa Capital’s venture capital expertise will revolutionize the way soccer clubs handle money and overcome obstacles.

The deal will go through if approved by FC Barcelona’s shareholders, which is expected to happen in the fourth quarter of 2023. Once finalized, this historic agreement will significantly boost FC Barcelona’s financial standing and global clout. With the backing of the shareholders, the club can move forward confidently into the future.

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Using the Ethereum blockchain, FC Barcelona and the Chiliz blockchain have been issuing BAR fan tokens since February 2020. These digital tokens have opened up new ways for supporters to interact with the club, allowing them to vote on club decisions, gain access to special rewards, and take part in unique fan experiences. Furthermore, this partnership is proof that sports and blockchain technology can work well together, paving the way for new kinds of fan engagement in the future.

Chiliz increased its investment in Barça Vision by $100 million in August 2022, giving the company a 24.5% ownership stake in the team’s digital content production division. To further strengthen the bond between Chiliz and the world-famous football club, the company has made a strategic investment in Barça Vision’s digital content. Both parties hope to revolutionize the way in which fans interact with their favorite team and gain access to premium content by combining Chiliz’s knowledge of fan engagement with blockchain technology.

In addition, in collaboration with Plastiks, the club released its first NFT collection, titled “Unleash Your Passion,” in the month of May. Each piece in the collection was a one-of-a-kind digital illustration by a different artist, and it depicted a different animal going through a range of intense emotions. This creative project brought together artists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to unite the club’s fanbase and fuel their shared enthusiasm.

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What is the Barça Vision initiative?

Barça Vision is an initiative by FC Barcelona aimed at centralizing all their digital content using blockchain and Web3 technologies, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse features, to enhance the club’s digital foundation and offer fans exclusive and interactive experiences.

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Who are the investors in Barça Vision?

Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. have announced a €120 million ($132 million) investment in Barça Vision. This involves selling a 29.5% stake in Bridgeburg Invest, the parent company of Barça Vision, to the two firms.

What do Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. do?

Libero Football Finance AG is a publicly-traded German company that provides financial consulting services to soccer clubs. Nipa Capital B.V. is a Dutch venture capital firm. They have joined forces to develop bespoke financial solutions for soccer clubs and help them address specific needs and challenges.

What will the partnership with Libero and Nipa bring to Barça Vision?

The strategic investment from Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. is expected to accelerate the growth of Barça Vision, spurring innovation and revenue generation through the launch of NFTs, virtual merchandise, and immersive metaverse experiences for FC Barcelona’s worldwide supporters.

When will the investment deal be completed?

The deal is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023, subject to approval by FC Barcelona’s shareholders.

What is Chiliz’s involvement with FC Barcelona?

Since February 2020, FC Barcelona has collaborated with Chiliz blockchain to create Ethereum-based BAR fan tokens for its sports brand. In August 2022, Chiliz invested an additional $100 million to acquire a 24.5% stake in Barça Vision, aiming to stimulate the growth and expansion of its digital content and fan engagement.

What was FC Barcelona’s first NFT collection?

In May, FC Barcelona launched its first NFT collection called “Unleash Your Passion,” featuring 3,000 animal-themed NFTs in collaboration with Plastiks. The collection aimed to combine the worlds of art and cryptocurrency while promoting a sense of unity and collective passion among the club’s fans.

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