Marubo tribe struggles with new internet addiction

Marubo tribe struggles with new internet addiction

Internet struggle

The remote Marubo tribe in the Amazon rainforest has recently gained access to high-speed internet through Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite service. This development has brought both opportunities and challenges to the isolated community. For centuries, the Marubo people have lived in communal huts along the Ituí River, preserving their traditional way of life.

They speak their own language, engage in spiritual practices, and rely on hunting and gathering for sustenance. The introduction of Starlink’s internet service in September has connected the tribe to the outside world. Initially, the community was excited about the possibilities, such as communicating with distant relatives and calling for help in emergencies.

However, as time passed, the tribe began to experience some unexpected consequences. Young people have become increasingly addicted to social media, spending hours scrolling through platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Marubo tribe’s new internet challenges

More concerning is the exposure to pornographic content, which has introduced behaviors previously unseen in the Marubo culture. The tribe, known for its chastity and avoidance of public displays of affection, has observed some young men exhibiting more aggressive sexual behavior. Tsainama Marubo, a tribe member, expressed his concerns, saying, “Young people have gotten lazy because of the internet; they’re learning the ways of the white people.”

Alfredo Marubo, the leader of a Marubo association of villages, added, “We’re worried young people are going to want to try it.

Everyone is so connected that sometimes they don’t even talk to their own family.”

Despite these challenges, the internet appears to have become a necessity for the community. One tribesman stated, “The leaders have been clear. We can’t live without the internet.”

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The Marubo tribe’s experience highlights the complex intersection of modernity and tradition.

While internet access brings significant benefits, it also poses challenges to the community’s cultural fabric. Addressing these concerns requires a nuanced approach to ensure that technological integration supports rather than disrupts the unique culture of isolated communities. The balancing act between embracing the advantages of modern technology and preserving traditional values is a new challenge for the Marubo people.


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