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MapR M5 is a software distribution that is part of the MapR Converged Data Platform, which is designed for organizations to run their big data workloads. It builds upon Apache Hadoop, offering added features such as data replication, distributed file system management, and data snapshots. MapR M5 thus provides a solution for reliable, high-performance processing and managing of large-scale datasets.

Key Takeaways

  1. MapR M5 is a high-performance, enterprise-grade distribution of Apache Hadoop, designed for organizations that require exceptional levels of performance, scalability, and data reliability.
  2. It provides a fully read/write, POSIX-compliant file system, called MapR-FS, which dramatically improves the read/write operations and data availability when compared to traditional Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
  3. MapR M5 also offers advanced data protection features, including snapshots and mirroring, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery for mission-critical applications and data.


MapR M5 is an important technology term because it refers to a powerful data platform that revolutionized the industry by offering a unique combination of features essential for big data processing and analysis.

Developed by MapR Technologies, M5 was designed to provide high availability, data protection, and seamless scalability without compromising performance.

It supports a wide range of data processing workloads and offers native integration with Apache Hadoop, enabling businesses to leverage real-time analytics and processing capabilities to unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of data.

By ensuring data reliability and enabling faster decision-making processes, MapR M5 has played a critical role in allowing organizations to stay competitive in an increasingly data-driven market.


MapR M5 is a comprehensive data platform designed to address the growing needs of modern businesses dealing with large-scale data processing, analysis, and storage. Its primary purpose is to enable organizations to efficiently process and manage vast quantities of data, making it easily accessible and valuable to drive informed decisions and strategic planning.

Built with enterprise applications in mind, MapR M5 seamlessly integrates with existing systems while providing a robust and flexible environment for developing new applications or enhancing the capabilities of current ones. By leveraging the Hadoop ecosystem, MapR M5 fuels the processing and analysis of various data types across multiple nodes, thus empowering organizations to handle substantial amounts of information in a distributed, fault-tolerant manner.

One key aspect of MapR M5 that sets it apart from other data platforms is its unique architecture that combines a high-performance, reliable file system with advanced data management features. This not only ensures optimal data storage and accessibility but also provides enhanced data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

MapR M5 is capable of handling both structured and unstructured data, making it ideal for an array of applications such as big data analytics, machine learning, real-time data processing, and more. With the ability to scale horizontally and vertically, MapR M5 efficiently supports growing data workloads and advances an organization’s ability to remain competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Examples of MapR M5

MapR M5 was an enterprise-grade Apache Hadoop distribution that provided users with data management and storage capabilities. In 2019, MapR was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) and was integrated into their product suite, with MapR M5 no longer being available as a standalone product. Here are three examples of companies and industries that utilized MapR M5 technology before the acquisition:

Healthcare Industry: A large healthcare organization used MapR M5 to process and analyze large and diverse datasets of electronic health records and medical claims. Using MapR M5, they were able to identify trends and patterns that could help optimize medical treatments, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency in the healthcare system.

Financial Services: A major bank integrated MapR M5 into their infrastructure to analyze and process large volumes of transaction data. This allowed them to detect fraudulent activities more effectively, perform real-time risk assessment, and maintain regulatory compliance more efficiently.

Telecommunications: A leading telecommunications company employed MapR M5 for real-time analysis of massive quantities of user data to improve network performance, predict network outages, and enhance customer service by better understanding customer behavior and preferences.

FAQs for MapR M5

What is MapR M5?

MapR M5 is a Hadoop distribution platform developed by MapR Technologies that offers enterprise-grade features, such as high performance, data protection, and disaster recovery. The platform provides a comprehensive big data solution that supports multiple use cases, from data analytics to machine learning.

What are the main components of MapR M5?

MapR M5 includes key Hadoop components such as HBase, Hive, Pig, MapReduce, and YARN along with additional enterprise features like data protection, mirroring, and point-in-time snapshots. It also offers an enterprise-grade storage layer called MapR-FS, which provides high performance and superior scaling over HDFS.

How does MapR M5 differ from other Hadoop distributions?

MapR M5 focuses on improved performance, reliability, and scalability compared to traditional Hadoop distributions. Some of the unique features of the platform are the MapR-FS file system, horizontal scalability, and seamless integration with a wide range of big data tools and storage solutions.

Which organizations can benefit from using MapR M5?

Organizations that have massive amounts of data to process, store, and analyze can significantly benefit from the MapR M5 platform. Industries like finance, healthcare, retail, energy, and telecommunications use MapR M5 to manage and extract valuable insights from their big data environments.

Is MapR M5 available as a cloud service or on-premises solution?

MapR M5 can be deployed in both cloud-based and on-premises environments. Users can choose from popular cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform for deployment or use on-premises infrastructure based on their specific requirements.

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