Making the VFP Report Writer Accessible By VB

Making the VFP Report Writer Accessible By VB

I’m a Visual FoxPro 6.0 programmer and recently decided to use Visual Basic 6.0. Everything seemed to be fine in VB until it came to creating a report. The data reports provided by VB are too basic.

Is there a way that VB can use the VFP Report Writer?

(I don’t intend to use any third-party software. I would like my program to be pure Microsoft.)

It is possible to run the VFP Report Writer (both MODIFY REPORT and REPORT FORM) from a VFP executable. You could create an executable that calls the Report Writer and then call the .exe from the VB app.

The VFP Report Writer only runs against VFP data. If the data is not in VFP format, you will need to convert the data that you want to display/print into VFP tables before working in the VFP Report Writer/Designer and printing/displaying the report. You may be able to get around the conversion by creating remote views against the data, if the proper ODBC Drivers are loaded.

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