Updating the End Date Field

I have written the following SQL statement and want to update only the end date field (saaphy01.n5ajdd) in one file. How can I tell it in my query to do this?

 select* fromcomdb200/actphy01,comdb200/saaphy01,comdb200/bahphy01where saaphy01.n5lwnb = actphy01.b1lwnband bahphy01.ibhxcd = actphy01.b1hxcdand actphy01.b1lknb = bahphy01.iblknband actphy01.b1iast = 'D' and actphy01.b1mbnb between 3.00 and 3.18and bahphy01.ibtidt = 1000101 and saaphy01.n5atcf = '00288'

Try this:

 UPDATE saaphy01 SET n5ajdd = MyValue followed by your where clause like this; WHERE saaphy01.n5lwnb = actphy01.b1lwnb AND bahphy01.ibhxcd = actphy01.b1hxcd AND actphy01.b1lknb = bahphy01.iblknb AND actphy01.b1iast = 'D' AND actphy01.b1mbnb between (3.00 and 3.18) AND bahphy01.ibtidt = 1000101 AND saaphy01.n5atcf = '00288'

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