ABBYY Europe Releases ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux

ABBYY Europe Releases ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux

New Command Line Interface Utility Enables Fast Access to Scriptable OCR and PDF Conversion.Munich, Germany (8th September 2014) – ABBYY Europe, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and solutions, today announced ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux, a new version of its command line interface utility enabling quick and simple integration of ABBYY optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF conversion technologies within Linux-based applications and systems.ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux gives developers control of ABBYY text recognition and document conversion processes via command line access. As a result, adding automated OCR processes can be as simple as inserting one more command line to a script. Developers and integrators can easily integrate the technology within a variety of solutions ranging from desktop applications to server-based systems.Document conversion technologies from ABBYY deliver high quality conversion of scans, PDFs and image files into editable and searchable formats. Using ABBYY technology, organisations can easily digitise paper-based information for use or storage in a variety of business processes. Documents can be converted into digital file output formats such as TXT, ODT, RTF, DOCX, XLSX, HTML, XML or (compressed) PDF and PDF/A.FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux takes advantage of some of the latest enhancements to ABBYY???s core technologies. Improvements or new functionality include:??? Enhanced Image Preprocessing Tools ??? enhanced technologies for processing images before conversion – such as improved algorithms for correcting geometrical distortions, new auto-cropping and background lightening functions, and better ISO noise removal — help ensure more accurate recognition results.??? New Arabic OCR Language Recognition and improved recognition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean OCR. ??? OCR Processing Profiles ??? packages of pre-configured settings/profiles for frequently used OCR processing scenarios. Profiles make it easy to adjust internal processing settings because they are already tuned for key scenarios such as document archiving or text extraction.??? Enhanced Export ??? conversion to new export formats ODT, ePub, FB2, ALTO XML. PDF Export offers support for PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3, enhanced MRC compression when exporting to PDF files, and new profiles for PDF export. ??? Native 64-bit and Multi-Core Processor Support.ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI Linux is part of a line of software development tools enabling integration of ABBYY technologies into custom applications and backend systems. ABBYY software development toolkits (SDKs) are available for integration into Windows, Linux, OS X, and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS. ABBYY technologies can also be deployed via a Cloud OCR Service with API.Availability and PricingABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux is available immediately. For detailed information regarding functionality, availability and licensing, or free trial versions, please visit ABBYY???s CLI for Linux pages at

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