Best practices for maintaining a secure SDLC

Best practices for maintaining a secure SDLC

Hi, Good Morning! My name is Natalia and I???m writing on behalf of Nazar Tymoshyk, an IT security and network infrastructure expert at SoftServe (, the enterprise-class software development company. Nazar, who has a Ph.D. in information security, specializes in computer forensics, malware analysis, intrusion detection and mobile application security assessments. As a passionate thought-leader in the world of network security, Nazar often speaks and writes about the industry’s latest trends and developments. That???s where I come in, helping to initiate those relationships for his work to be published. Since you provide information and advice on application development, we thought you might be interested in an article on DevX that would discuss best practices for maintaining a secure SDLC. When you incorporate security into your software development lifecycle, you can create applications that are secure by design. Nazar would explain the essentials of building security into your continuous integration development environments to create applications that stand up to any security threat.Let me know if this piques your interest, and let???s discuss further. I hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Natalia DiomovaContent Manager, SoftServe [email protected] of Nazar’s work: IT Security in 2014: Focus Areas and Trends DIY: Heartbleed Bug Detection and Remediation for End-Users and Businesses Cyber-squatting and Typo-squatting: Countermeasure Program

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