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How to Hire Great Developers

Because the development job market is very tight, it can be tough to find good programmers to hire.


While the overall unemployment rate is fairly high, unemployment for developers continues to be very low, and enterprise application development teams are finding it difficult to hire really good employees. "At last count, there are nearly five job openings for every developer," explained Bethany Marzewski of Stack Overflow Careers 2.0. "When developers have their pick of four other job offers, savvy companies have recognized that recruiting a quality candidate means doing more than posting on job boards. They need to stand out."

InfoWorld offers seven tips for enterprises that want to hire great developers:

  1. Hire slowly.
  2. Stay away from "rockstars."
  3. Go for talent, not longevity.
  4. Cultural fit trumps coding finesse.
  5. Being small can be your secret weapon.
  6. It's the work, stupid.
  7. Open source tips the balance.

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