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Managing Cloud Spending Is the Next Big Thing

One startup is already tracking more than $1 billion in spending.


Enterprises know they're using the cloud, but they often don't know exactly how much they are spending on cloud computing. Enterprise application development teams and other groups often begin using cloud services quietly for small projects, and managers frequently don't have visibility into total cloud spending.

A startup called Cloudability aims to change that by helping companies manage their cloud spending. The company already tracks more than a billion dollars in cloud spending, which suggests two things: 1) tracking cloud spending is a big deal for enterprises and 2) the total cloud computing market may be much bigger than anyone suspects.

For developers, "corporate visibility into their spending that forces new levels of fiduciary responsibility," says Cloudability CEO Mat Ellis. But he adds that cloud tracking could be a good thing for devs because "analytics tools like ours give them the ability to justify asking for more resources to do more things."

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