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Change the Setup Wizard Background Color
by Pierre Metras
VB6's Setup Wizard generates gradient blue background screens, as do wizards in previous versions of VB. However, an undocumented setting gives you the opportunity to see installation programs ...
Control How Browsers Cache Your Page
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to force a page to load from the server rather than from the cache? The META refresh and onLoad=reload() both just send the page into an infinite loop.
Hiding the Main FoxPro Window
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to completely hide the main Visual FoxPro window when I run an executable? In my main program, I use "_VFP.Visible = .F.", but the main window appears for a few seconds when I first launch the executable.
How to Make a Patch for a Product Upgrade
by DevX Pro
How would a person make a patch to upgrade their software in VB6?
Troubleshooting Setup.exe errors
by DevX Pro
I am trying to create a setup.exe for VFP 5.0, using the setup wizard. After I installed the application using the setup.exe and ran the program, I got error 1984 in one of my tables. All the other tables in the database work well. To create the setup.exe I had to place all the necessary files into a distribution directory. When I run app.exe from this directory I don't get any errors, and the tables and DB are fine. This leads me to conclude that something is corrupting my table during the setup wizard or during the installation of my application from the setup.exe program. The first couple times I created the setup.exe I didn't have these problems, since then I haven't changed the DB or the tables, just the foxpro code.
Deleting a structure from disk
by DevX Pro
I have written a videoshop program in C++. I need to be able to delete a video structure off the disk. At the moment, the user enters a video number, the program searches the disk and finds the video, but I'm not sure how to delete this structure and edit the file on disk. (The file is in binary.)
JavaScript Include Files?
by DevX Pro
I have JavaScript functions that I'm using in different pages. Is there a way to do a C/C++ type include so I don't have to replicate the JavaScript code on every page?
Making an Alert Pop Up With a Message
by DevX Pro
How do I make an alert that pops up and says "this site best viewed with IE4 at 1024 x 768"?
Calling JavaScript in an Anchor Tag
by Steve Renaker
There are many ways to call a JavaScript function in an HTML document. One way is inside an anchor tag. Any function that is listed in the <HEAD> portion of the document can be called within an ...
Sizing ASP Script Engine Cache Appropriately
by Erik Goetze
To squeeze maximum efficiency out of Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, you may want to look at the amount of cache provided to each ASP thread. The default value for the metabase parameter ...
Primary Key Identity
by DevX Pro
I have installed Service Pack 4 for SQL Server and Service Pack 4 for NT. I still receive this same error. Your Q&A suggests that this problem was fixed in one of the service packs. I suppose the only fix is a scheduled DBCC check on each table in the database?
by DevX Pro
I am having difficulty finding information and examples on how to use the flush function.
VB and ISP and Web-based analysis
by DevX Pro
I have numerous data analysis programs written in VB4/5 that I would like to put on a server for server-based data analysis. It would require uploading data files from the client (through a browser), then performing data analysis based on user requirements, then downloading data and generating plots for paper-based plotting. My questions is: what are the limitations if I try to use an ISP (such as Hiway.com), or must I use a dedicated II server? Rick
Set Up Useful Shortcuts in the Send To Folder
by Joe Karbowski
If you develop applications that use components that need to be registered, consider setting up a shortcut to regsvr32 in the "Send To" folder on a user's machine as part of your set-up process. For ...
Setting Environment Variables in VB
by DevX Pro
My 16bit application requires the presence of a DOS environment variable. On startup I check for it. If it does not exist I display an error. I would like create the environment variable through my VB code. Is this possible?
Access violation occurred
by DevX Pro
I created a setup program with the Setup Wizard. I try to install my program on another computer, and the message following appears: C:\windows\system\msvcrt40.dll An access violation occurred while copying the file.
Spread Upgrades Over the Network
by Rodney Samodral
I design VB applications for approximately 300 employees in a networked environment. It's difficult to ...
Streamline Your API Declares, Part 1
by Francesco Balena
< ...
Setup Wizard Complains: Not Enough Info In OLE Server
by A. Nickals
The SetupWizard directly supports only self-registering OLE servers.
Automatically Upgrade Workstation EXEs
by Fred Lyhne
I'm programming for a LAN and quite often I add requested features to the program. The LAN is set up so that each workstation is running its own copy of the program and is only reading/writing data ...
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