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Problems with Getc and Scanf
by DevX Pro
I want to make a menu, where you can select from 1-4. By pressing one of these keys you should get into a subprogram. Now I have to press enter after I select 1,2,3 or 4. Is it possible to have C++ bypass "enter" and go directly to the subprogram. I can't see how I can use getc or scanf, but are there any other possibilities or functions I could use?
Using Lockf with Seed Files
by DevX Pro
It's been years since my paws had to pound out a solution in C, so I'm a bit rusty and would like a second opinion.. or third... or fourth. Problem: I need to serialize access to a "seed" file containing an incremental sequencing number. Process is: read file increment seed write number back to file The entire transaction has to be atomic and block until completion. SimpleMindedSolution #1: Write a posix threaded program and Mutex lock around the file operation. Problem: I would have to buy a C language posix threads package. Costs $$. SimpleMindedSolution #2: Write a user-level threaded program with DCE threads. Problem: DCE threads usage is going away. DCE supports only user-level threads. User-level threads don't work well on 11.x SimpleMindedSolution #3: Forget about threads and use "lockf". Process: lockf open file increment write file close file (releases lock) Problem? Perhaps none. It seems too simple. Do you have experience with lockf? Specifically, in areas such as deadlock, sleeping (wish I could), etc...?
Buffered Object Streams and Sockets
by DevX Pro
How can I use buffered I/O Object streams over a socket and guarantee transmission even when the packet object is smaller than the buffer size? I want the efficiency benefits of buffered streams when sending large packets, but I need to force small packets through immediately.
Data Migration from Informix 4.1
by DevX Pro
About a year ago we had some data migrated by an outside service from Informix 4.1 to SQL Server 6.5. It appeared at the time that everything went well. However, we have recently discovered some records missing. We have a copy of the original data files at the time of the migration (on a CD-ROM). However, the machine with the Informix software is long gone. Would you please provide any direction you can as to the steps required to import these files into Microsoft Access/SQL Server?
Get Rid Of Unreadable Characters
by Behrouz Fallahi
Line separators are dependent on the operating system. This may cause some annoyance when opening files created on another operating system. For example, if you are using Microsoft Windows, and you ...
Error with Type M Field
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to access a particular field via an ASP. I presently have a table displaying multiple fields. Everything works fine, but as soon as I try to add a specific field I get the error. The database I'm pulling from is not well documented, but it lists this particular field as a "Type M." All the other fields I'm pulling from are "Type C" or "Type I." The field contains text as far as I can tell; it's just a "notes" field. Any idea why it keeps crashing out on this field? If so, what can I do to fix it?
Recent Changes in the Specification of Open Mode Flags
by Danny Kalev
In older stages of C++, the ios::nocreate and ios::noreplace open modes were part of the <fsteam.h> family of classes. However, the revised <fstream> family of file manipulation classes, which ...
Field That Can Hold More Than 255 Characters
by DevX Pro
I need a text (or char) field that can hold more than 255 characters. Something like a Memo field to hold almost unlimited character data. Is this possible?
Importing Tab-Delimited ASCII File with SQL Loader
by DevX Pro
As a novice SQL Loader user, I have imported a comma-delimited ASCII file into an Oracle database (Unix) using >sqlldr and specifying the delimiter as a comma. I now have a tab-delimited file to import and have not yet found a way of designating the tab character(s) as the delimiter. Is there a way, or do I need to convert the tab-delimited file to a comma-delimited file first?
Setting the Timeout Parameter
by DevX Pro
I am converting a database from Access to SQL. It is a large database—some 4.5GB large. I get a timeout (1 minute) before I get my response back. Can I change the timeout parameter, or is there a way to program a longer delay?
Load Images off JAR Files
by Behrouz Fallahi
Packing resources (classes, sound files, images) in a JAR file is good way of reducing download time and decreasing distribution size. This tip shows you how to load images off a JAR file.
Importing Gigabytes of Data from a Flat File
by DevX Pro
I'm currently working on a data warehousing application using SQL Server 7. The problem I have is that I have to import 610,000 records of mainframe data per day into my database from a flat file. I'm currently using BCP to copy the data into an initial import table, but then I have to perform a number of conversions on datetime, money, and some business-specific fields before writing the data into five main DB tables. So far I'm using a cursor that is populated with the contents of the import table and then calls a number of stored procedures to format and convert the data before finally writing it to its respective tables. The server is a powerful machine (250GB HDD, 1GB RAM) so I thought it could handle the workload, but 100,000 records and 5 hours later I'm beginning to wonder. If you have any great tips, tricks, or advice, that would be great as I have three years' worth of data—around 180GB to process my way through. Help!
Inserting a Header/Footer in an Exported Text File
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to count the number of records and, when that count is reached, insert a header/footer to an exported text file using VBScript in DTS? If so, where can I find examples?
Serialization to Byte Array
by DevX Pro
How can I convert a class instance to a byte array and then subsequently reconstruct the original class from the byte array?
Changing the Text Value of a Populated Field
by DevX Pro
How do I correct a spelling error in a table? I am at a loss as to where to start.
DTS & Data Driven Query Task
by DevX Pro
I am trying to import data from a .CSV file and verify that the rec importing does not exist on the destination database (SQL7 DB), then either insert or update the rec's details. But suffice to say this is not happening as I predicted. The insert and update query doesn't seem to be able to translate the field to parameters for the relevant fields. Any suggestions or samples for doing such a task?
Declaring Data for an Object
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to declare some data for an object such that, when necessary, other functions can use the object not only to perform member functions but also serve as a 'data container'. For example, I'm declaring a Date object that, among other things, contains an array of all the month ends. So in the class declaration I'd like to do this: class Date { public: Date(); ~Date(){}; int monthEnds[12] = {31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31}; }; And from then on be able to rely the Date object to say: February = Date::monthEnds[2]; I am going insane trying to find a good referrence for declaring array data within a class.
Numeric only TextField
by DevX Pro
Is there is a way to create a text field that only accepts numeric input?
Retrieving Data from a Text Field
by DevX Pro
I have a table with a text field that stores a long description. When I use the Select statement to query the table, it only returns 255 characters. How do I extract those data stored in the text field (using VB recordset)?
Loading a Database into Oracle
by DevX Pro
I am a student. Is there a way to load a database into Oracle to run my exercises?
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