Amazon Launches QuickSight

Amazon Launches QuickSight

A slew of recent product releases in the world of Amazon Web Service (AWS) indicate Amazon’s hurry to complete its portfolio of offerings in the world of Big Data. They have pretty much covered their ground when it comes to collecting, storing, and processing large volumes of data. Platforms such as Amazon RDS, DynamoDB and Redshift were created for the purpose. What was really missing was a product that could derive insights, in real time, and not just for technology experts, but also for business users who could then make business decisions on what they are able to interpret by leveraging visually interactive dashboards.

QuickSight?aims at completing the loop in making AWS the provider of low cost, full-fledged, scalable business intelligent services that deliver data insights from a wide range of data sources for a fraction of the cost of legacy BI solutions. According to Werner Vogels, CTO at, there is an inherent gap between the volumes of data that are generated, stored and processed by several enterprise scale applications and key decisions that business users make on a daily basis. QuickSight aims at bridging this gap.

QuickSight is a business intelligence service powered by cloud and solves the problem of speed, complexity and cost of generating insights from large volumes of data. It is also pretty easy to setup and use. QuickSight is powered behind the scenes by a superfast, parallel, in-memory calculation engine named SPICE. It is designed to provide responses in milliseconds for queries run on very large datasets. This allows QuickSight to scale pretty quickly to thousands of users on a range of data sources available in AWS. In addition to SPICE, QuickSight also has technologies for auto discovery of data changes and curating it for analysis and also making suggestions based on several parameters like the metadata of the data source, query history, etc.

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