Microsoft Stresses Azure Cloud Apps at TechEd

Microsoft Stresses Azure Cloud Apps at TechEd

At the TechEd conference, Microsoft announced that it is making it easier for developers to create Web apps in the cloud by adding .NET Framework 4 support. Azure also now supports Visual Studio 2010 and the IntelliTrace debugging tool, and they’ve increased the SQL database capacity in Azure from 10 GB to 50 GB.

In a keynote address, Microsoft server and tools president Bob Muglia explained the company’s approach to cloud computing, saying, “Our job, simply put, is to deliver what customers need to take advantage of cloud computing on their own terms. Microsoft’s strategy is to deliver software, services and tools that enable customers to realize the benefits of a cloud-based model with the reliability and security of on-premises software.”

Later this year, Microsoft plans to add to the service the capability to package on-premise apps in virtual machines and move them to the Azure cloud.

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