Forrester: Desktop Virtualization and PaaS Have Stalled

Forrester: Desktop Virtualization and PaaS Have Stalled

While virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and platform as a service (PaaS) providers tout the benefits of their technologies, market research firm Forrester says that many enterprises aren’t buying into the hype. Specifically, the lack of standardization among VDI offerings make them a risky option for businesses, says Forrester.

In addition, the report says that PaaS solutions don’t offer enough breadth to make them a viable option for enterprise development teams. “PaaS solutions promise developer productivity,” says the report, “and for a select set of developers working on specific Web-oriented applications, they can deliver. However, breadth of applicability is lacking among PaaS providers today, as many are narrowly focused on a class of developer, set of developer skills (i.e., Python or Ruby), or class of application.”

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