Cloud Foundry Gets .NET Support

Cloud Foundry Gets .NET Support

The Cloud Foundry open source platform as a service (PaaS) solution now includes a .NET Framework implementation. IaaS provider Tier3 announced that it would donate the code for Iron Foundry, its .NET-based PaaS offering, to the Cloud Foundry project.

“At Tier 3, we believe that PaaS is so universal and so foundational to the adoption of cloud for Web applications that it should be an open source framework,” said Tier3 CTO Jared Wray. “As enterprises accelerate the deployment of their mission-critical applications to the cloud, the need for a .NET-based Cloud Foundry PaaS in the marketplace was acute. As fans of the open source nature of Cloud Foundry — and as a .NET-based cloud platform ourselves — we were excited to take on this opportunity to support the enterprise developer and open source communities and to foster innovation for the cloud.?

At least two other cloud computing platforms also offer .NET-based PaaS solutions: Microsoft Azure and AppHarbor.

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