Survey: 29% of Mobile Web Users Want an iPad3

Survey: 29% of Mobile Web Users Want an iPad3

Although Apple hasn’t yet officially unveiled the iPad 3, nearly a third of mobile Web users say they plan to buy one. A survey conducted by mobile ad network InMobi found that 29 percent of respondents plan to buy Apple’s forthcoming tablet, and more than half of those people (54 percent) do not already own a tablet. While 65 percent would consider buying an iPad 2 instead of an iPad 3 if the price is right, 44 percent said they would not consider buying a tablet from another manufacturer.

Survey respondents hope the iPad 3 will offer faster processor speed (57 percent), better battery life (47 percent) and a higher-quality screen (46 percent). More than half (51 percent) of respondents would use the device for entertainment rather than business or education.

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