Is SAP Positioning Itself to Dominate Enterprise Mobile Development?

SAP appears to be moving towards becoming a major player in mobile enterprise application development. The firm has announced that it has purchased mobile business development firm Syclo and signed partnerships with three others: Appcelerator, Adobe and Sencha. These firms offer mobile development frameworks and related tools.

“By joining forces with leading mobile app development vendors like Adobe, Appcelerator and Sencha, we are making it easier for large communities of developers, in the millions, to innovate on our platform,” said SAP’s Sanjay Poonen. “We believe SAP is the only mobile platform provider delivering on the promise of an open platform architecture that supports innovative third-party development environments and tools, providing flexibility for customers to implement the right mobile app every time. SAP, customers, partners and the entire ecosystem now have a tremendous opportunity to rapidly produce millions of high quality apps using the tool of their choice.”

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