Atlassian Improves DevOps Features in Bamboo 5

Atlassian Improves DevOps Features in Bamboo 5

On July 9, Atlassian will release Bamboo 5, the latest version of its continuous integration (CI) server. The release adds a number of new features related to DevOps, and the company boasts that it the first tool of its kind “to connect the process of preparing and testing software with the process of releasing it.”

“We’re trying to cross pollinate the information that has traditionally been within one realm or the other and bring it all together so that these silos have better communication with each other,” explained Atlassian’s Sarah Goff-Dupont. “With Bamboo 5 we set out to give deployments and release management first class treatment within the continuous integration and continuous delivery tool space. It’s really the only true continuous delivery tool on the market.”

Approximately 170 companies have been beta testing Bamboo 5 since April.

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