Code Dx 1.6 Integrates with Visual Studio, Git, Eclipse

Code Dx 1.6 Integrates with Visual Studio, Git, Eclipse

Secure Decisions has announced the release of Code Dx 1.6, the latest version of its secure coding tool. The biggest new feature in the release is integration with other popular enterprise application development tools, including Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Git and Jenkins.

“Code Dx helps eliminate weaknesses in software before hackers have a chance to exploit them,” said Anita D’Amico, director of Secure Decisions. “Developers can simply feed their source code into Code Dx any time during the software development lifecycle, and Code Dx automatically selects and runs the appropriate open-source SAST tools for each language in the software code base. The primary focus of our development team for version 1.6 was integration. By providing seamless integration with popular development tools, Code Dx enables a more streamlined process to continually include security in the software development lifecycle.”

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