DevOps Conference Offers Advice from the Trenches

DevOps Conference Offers Advice from the Trenches

At this week’s DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco, several enterprises that have experimented with the DevOps approach shared their experiences and lessons learned. Jason director of systems engineering at the Walt Disney Company, said that when he first joined the company it was more than a year before he met a developer; however, the adoption of DevOps has broken down those silos.

Vendors also shared their advice. Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud, recommended, “Try it in the small. To do it more broadly, you have to get executive buy-in, but we?ve found that if you have success on the vanguard projects, executives see that and can get behind it.”

Paul Peissner, regional sales manager for CollabNet, said, “In a large organization, if you allow someone to set up a flow, you should be able to save those as templates and reuse those. Code reuse is a brilliant time saver. How do you have that system where you learn of a grand failure? How do you avoid such experiences in the future? The challenge of agile and DevOps is that it lives in the moment. If you have isolated teams, you miss the best reuse opportunities and insight.”

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