Enterprise Mobile App Usage Increasing Slowly

Enterprise Mobile App Usage Increasing Slowly

According to IDC, the average enterprise adopted 5.8 mobile apps for each of its users in 2015. That’s an increase over the 3.5 apps per worker in 2013 and 2014, but it’s still lower than analysts had expected.

“It’s still a shockingly low number, given that anything you’d want to do as a consumer is available to you in an app,” said John Jackson, an IDC analyst. “We thought 2015 would kick off in earnest with the ‘appification’ of the enterprise. The data was supportive of that, but not to the level we expected. It is possible that we are looking more at a steady climb than at a [quick rise]. Things tend to move slower with enterprises.” Jackson added that he expected competition to drive enterprises to increase their mobile app use for 2016.

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