F#, CoffeeScript Climb in Popularity Rankings

The March 2015 edition of the Tiobe programming language popularity index saw both F# and CoffeeScript climb in the rankings. For some time, F#, a functional programming language developed by Microsoft, has been expected to break in to the index’s top ten. This month it edged slightly closer, coming in at number eleven after ranking twelfth last month.

CoffeeScript broke the top 100 for the first time, ranking 64th. According to Paul Jansen, managing director of Tiobe, CoffeeScript is benefiting from a general rise in interest in JavaScript alternatives. “Now that everybody is forced to use JavaScript and it is very easy to shoot yourself in the foot with JavaScript, [the] industry is looking for alternatives. These are Dart, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and many others,” he said.

The top six on the chart were unchanged from last month: C, Java, Objective-C, C++, C# and PHP, in that order. Rounding out the top ten, JavaScript climbed from ninth to seventh, Python was unchanged at number eight, Visual Basic.NET rose from tenth place to ninth and Visual Basic came in at number 10.

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