Forrester: 15 Top Emerging Technologies

Forrester: 15 Top Emerging Technologies

Which new technologies should enterprises be watching or implementing if they want to stay competitive? Forrester analysts Brian Hopkins and Frank Gillett have released a new report that details fifteen different technologies from four different categories that they believe will be the most important for businesses:

  • Emerging business solutions enable new ways of doing business.
    1. Customer analytics solutions
    2. Digital experience solutions
    3. Customer-driven design solutions
    4. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Emerging interaction technologies create news ways to engage customers.
    5. Next-generation connectivity
    6. Wearable technology
    7. Natural user interfaces
  • Emerging aggregation and delivery technologies drive contextual engagement.
    8. Real-time sourcing and delivery technology
    9. Advanced analytics technology
    10. Digital identity management technology
    11. Software acceleration platforms and tools
  • Emerging infrastructure technology creates a powerful and agile foundation.
    12. Advanced silicon devices
    13. Software-defined infrastructure
    14. Cloud integration tools/hybrid architectures
    15. Big data management technology

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