FTC Releases Recommendations for Mobile Development Industry

FTC Releases Recommendations for Mobile Development Industry

On Friday, the Federal Trade Commission released a report on consumer app privacy that includes a number of best practices for developers. “The mobile world is expanding and innovating at breathtaking speed, allowing consumers to do things that would have been hard to imagine only a few years ago,” said recently resigned FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. “These best practices will help to safeguard consumer privacy and build trust in the mobile marketplace, ensuring that the market can continue to thrive.”

For developers, the recommended best practices are :

  • Make your privacy policy accessible via the app store it’s sold in.
  • Ask before accessing personal information.
  • Know how ad networks are accessing your users’ info.

The report also revealed that half of mobile app users have either uninstalled or refused to install an app because of privacy issues, and less than a third of those surveyed feel like they have control over personal information stored on their devices.

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