Gartner: Most Enterprises Aren’t Using Hadoop

Gartner: Most Enterprises Aren’t Using Hadoop

A new Gartner report titled “Survey Analysis: Hadoop Adoption Drivers and Challenges” finds that most large organizations do not plan to deploy Hadoop technology. “Despite substantial hype and reported successes for early adopters, over half of respondents (54 percent) report no plans to invest at this time,” the report states. “Additionally, only 18 percent have plans to invest in Hadoop over the next two years.”

Why aren’t enterprises jumping on board with Hadoop? Fifty-seven percent of organizations said they had difficulty finding people with the skills to deploy the technology, and 49 percent said the biggest obstacle to deployment was “determining how to get value from Hadoop.” Other top reasons for avoiding the technology include difficulty integrating Big Data technology with existing infrastructure (44 percent), risk and governance issues (40 percent,) and difficulty integrating multiple data sources (40 percent).

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