How Amazon’s Cloud Computing Service Was Born

How Amazon’s Cloud Computing Service Was Born

At the AWS Public Sector Summit, Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassey told the story of how the cloud computing service came into existence. He traced the origins of AWS back to the year 2000, when Amazon wanted to launch a new e-commerce service called That effort led them to create a centralized development platform that relied on well-documented APIs.

?We expected all the teams internally from that point on to build in a decoupled, API-access fashion, and then all of the internal teams inside of Amazon expected to be able to consume their peer internal development team services in that way. So very quietly around 2000, we became a services company with really no fanfare,? Jassy said.

Then at an executive retreat at Jeff Bezos’ house in 2003, the Amazon leaders began to realize that running infrastructure had become one of their core competencies, and they started down the pathway that led them to launch Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute in August 2006.

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