HP Revamps App Modernization Tools and Services

HP Revamps App Modernization Tools and Services

Enterprise applications have a reputation for being ugly and somewhat difficult to use. But HP wants to change that perception. “Historically, most enterprise application developers start with a set of features and functions they have to deliver. This is starting to change,” said HP’s Franklin Grosvenor said. “Increasingly, the demand is to deliver a business outcome and a desired experience to the user. You do that through orchestrating features and functions in a way that is compelling.”

The company is launching updates to several of its enterprise application development tools that can help address the issue. It has revamped its HP Anywhere, HP Real User Monitoring (RUM) software and HP Performance Anywhere APM software so that developers can get more data on how their apps are being used. In addition, it has put together a set of mobile development SDKs, demo programs and application cookbooks that it calls the HP Anywhere Developer Zone, and it has released HP Application Integration to Cloud, a set of reference architectures.

HP also added more interface experts to its consulting teams.

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