HPE Launches IoT Platform

At the IoT/AppsWorld Conference, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) unveiled its new Universal Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. The new solution aims to simplify management of multiple IoT tools. “Typically, the type of customers we are involved with have already been working in IoT to some level or another,” explained Nigel Upton, HPE’s Director and General Manager of IoT. “They would have already gone and deployed one, two or three solutions in IoT. Typically, the pain point they’re looking to fix is this: ‘Instead of having multiple IoT platforms, multiple data types and connectivity types, how do I simplify that and have one platform that will allow me to connect to any type of device, but also be able to scale and be able to give me a consistent data model, so that I can then mash up all the date I need?'”

The HPE Universal IoT Platform promises multi-connectivity, standardized device lifecycle management, the ability to mashup IoT data with external data sources, a developer portal, data analytics and data security. It is based on the oneM2M industry standard, and it can be deployed on premises or in a private cloud computing environment.

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