HPE, Micro Focus Sign $8.8 Billion Software Spin Off/Merger

HPE, Micro Focus Sign $8.8 Billion Software Spin Off/Merger

HPE and Micro Focus have announced the terms of a complicated $8.8 billion deal that will see HPE shed some of its enterprise software assets. HPE will spin off its application delivery management, big data, enterprise security, information management and governance, and IT operations management software. They will be combined with Micro Focus’s Attachmate and SUSE divisions in a new company, and HPE shareholders will own 50.1 percent of the shares in that new company. SUSE will also become HPE’s preferred Linux partner.

HPE says it is refocusing on hybrid cloud computing and is keeping software related to those efforts, including the CloudSystem brand, HPE OneView, Helion OpenStack, and its software-defined storage and networking products. Ric Lewis, senior vice president for the software-defined and cloud group at HPE, said the company is “doubling down to deliver a new stack of modern, multi-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service software, building on IaaS things today like OpenStack, but expanding to the Dockers, the Mesospheres and the Turbonomics of the world.”

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