IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud Computing Services, Docker Integration

IBM has announced a new cloud development service called IBM Blockchain Devops, and it is integrating its blockchain services with Docker containerization technology.

For those who are unaware, blockchain is the distributed, encrypted database technology that forms the foundation for Bitcoin digital currency. IBM is now playing a major role in finding new enterprise uses for Blockchain, having already made several blockchain-related announcements this year.

?We love blockchain technology because it holds the promise of supporting a very wide variety of industries,? said Jerry Cuomo, vice president, Blockchain, IBM. ?Yes, we recognize that it was made famous in Bitcoin, and that is a very particular type of use, but when we studied that and looked at blockchain?s design pattern, we decided that it works well in the context of cryptocurrency. But if you are building a blockhchain that deals with health records or shipping logistics, financial data, or any reference data about products, there are rules regulatory rules and security you have to address.?

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