Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2015 Product Line, Pricing

Microsoft has announced the product lineup and pricing for Visual Studio 2015, which it plans to ship this summer. One of the biggest changes is that the company will no longer offer Premium or Ultimate editions; instead it will sell a version called “Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN.”

The company will continue to offer the Community edition of Visual Studio for Free. The Professional edition, which includes $50 in credits for the Azure cloud computing service, will cost $1,199 new and $799 for renewal, the same as Visual Studio 2013. The Enterprise edition, however, will cost less than either the old Premium or Ultimate editions. For 2015, Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN will cost $5,999 new and $2,569 for renewal. The older 2013 Ultimate edition was priced at 13,299 new and $4,249 for renewal, and the 2013 Premium edition was $6,119 new and $2,569 for renewal. Pricing will be slightly different for developers who participate in Microsoft’s Open program.

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