Microsoft Azure Preview Portal Offers DevOps Features

Among the many announcements it made at the Build developers conference, Microsoft said that it will launch a new Microsoft Azure Preview Portal. The new portal unites its Visual Studio Online IDE and its Azure cloud computing service, along with a variety of tools designed to promote DevOps.

“Think of it as a preview of the next-generation portal where you bring all the goodness of the application platform and the goodness of tools and services together so that you enable a single portal both for developers and IT pros to think of DevOps in an end-to-end way,” explained Microsoft’s S. “Soma” Somasegar.

“Developing for a mobile-first, cloud-first world is complicated, and Microsoft is working to simplify this world without sacrificing speed, choice, cost or quality,” added Scott Guthrie, executive vice president at Microsoft. “Imagine a world where infrastructure and platform services blend together in one seamless experience, so developers and IT professionals no longer have to work in disparate environments in the cloud. Microsoft has been rapidly innovating to solve this problem, and we have taken a big step toward that vision today.”

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