Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Code 1.0

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Code 1.0

Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s free, lightweight, cross-platform text editor, has officially reached 1.0 status. According to Microsoft, more than 2 million people have tried Visual Studio Code since its first alpha release in 2013, and it has about 500,000 active monthly users.

“Today, a broad range of developers from individuals and startups to Fortune 500 companies?including audiences completely new to Microsoft’s tools?is more productive with a tool that fits comfortably into its current toolchain and workflow, and supports the technologies [used,] from GO and Python to React Native and C++,” the Visual Studio Code team said. “With this great ecosystem in place, we’re now confident in declaring our API as stable, and guaranteeing compatibility going forward.”

IDC analyst Al Hilwa noted, “By all accounts, Code has been well-received, with surveys indicating that it is the most popular editor for .NET developers today. Being open source is clearly a positive attribute among developers and helped its fast adoption.”

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