NetBeans 7.5 Adds JavaScript, HTML5 Features

NetBeans 7.5 Adds JavaScript, HTML5 Features

Oracle has released version 7.5 of its NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE). Although NetBeans focuses primarily on Java, most of the key updates in the release improve its handling of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

“We rewrote the JavaScript editor from scratch, all based on Oracle’s Nashorn JavaScript runtime project,” said Oracle’s John Brock. “In doing that, we were able to bring the editing experience of JavaScript up to the level of the Java support in NetBeans. That means code completion, inline documentation for methodologies, color syntaxing, and code folding are there.”

Brock explained that the release is designed to improve the IDE’s capabilities for developing Web applications. Many of these apps have Java back ends, JavaScript front ends and interfaces built with HTML5 and CSS3. The updates will make it easier to address all these aspects of Web and mobile development from within NetBeans.

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