New ‘Deep-Tech’ Team Will Work to Recruit More Devs to Microsoft’s Tools

According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) unit has set up a new “deep-tech” team. The group will focus on helping top developers build next-generation applications using Microsoft tools.

Twenty-year Microsoft veteran John Shewchuk is heading up the deep-tech group, which could have more than 100 members in all. “The idea is to bridge our inside developers to outside developers,” Shewchuk said. “We want to get the top developers to adopt our platform.”

Other members of the deep-tech team include Patrick Chanezon, formerly of VMware, and James Whittaker, formerly of Google. Another long-time Microsoft employee, Eric Schmidt (not the Google chairman), will focus on mobile development and the Windows Phone 8 platform.

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