Objective-C Popularity Declines

The big news in this month’s update to the Tiobe index of programming language popularity is that Objective-C fell out of the top ten for the first time in five years and is now 14th on the list. The company believes this points to some larger trends within the mobile development industry. ?Yes, Objective-C is indeed pushed aside for Swift,? said Paul Janseny, managing director at Tiobe Software. ?But apart from that, iOS app development is apparently declining [in general], because the rise of Swift doesn’t fully explain the loss [sustained by] Objective-C.?

The top of the list looks as follows: Java (19.543 percent rating), C (16.19 percent), C++ (5.749 percent), C# (4.825 percent) and Python (4.512 percent). Ruby climbed back into the top ten, and OpenEdge ABL rose into the top twenty for the first time.

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