Oracle’s Big Data Predictions for 2015

If executives at Oracle are correct, big data will continue to be a huge trend next year. In fact, Neil Mendelson, Oracle vice president of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, goes so far as to predict that 2015 will be known as the year of big data in the enterprise. “Today we have an index that talks about the value of your brand. In the future, we will see an index that talks about the value of your data,” said Mendelson. “At the board level, companies are beginning to understand that they’re facing new competitors, versus like competitors, and the change is very real.”

He predicts seven big data trends:

  1. Corporate boardrooms will talk about data capital, not big data.
  2. Big data management will grow up.
  3. Companies will demand a SQL for all seasons.
  4. Just-in-time transformation will transform ETL.
  5. Self-service discovery and visualization tools will come to big data.
  6. Security and governance will increase big data innovation.
  7. Production workloads blend cloud and on-premises capabilities.

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