Salesforce Announces Einstein AI Initiative

In Salesforce’s second quarter earnings conference call, company CEO Marc Benioff announced that the firm is working on a new artificial intelligence initiative that will be integrated into the company’s cloud computing offerings. The AI project, codenamed Einstein, is based on technology that Salesforce has acquired from startups as well as internally developed projects. Benioff said, “We’ve been able to stitch all this together and focus on AI. AI is the next wave of our industry has resulted in a machine learning team of more than 175 data scientists who have built this amazing Einstein platform.”

He added, “I really believe we’re going to have the best artificial intelligence platform in the industry. You’ll see that it is on par and capable of any other AI platform you’ve seen like Watson and others.”

Salesforce announced that its second quarter revenue grew 25 percent to hit $2.04 billion.

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