Security Tops List of Enterprise Mobile Development Concerns

Security Tops List of Enterprise Mobile Development Concerns

Enterprise mobility vendor SOTI Inc. has released a new survey which found that security continues to be a primary concern for mobile development teams. “Security concerns top the list of mobile priorities with 69 percent of IT decision-makers citing mobile security, hacking and malware as their number one concern,” the company said.

Other key findings from the report included the following:

  • In addition to security, top mobility concerns included the ability to keep up with technology changes (47 percent) and integration (46 percent).
  • 68 percent of respondents believe mobility is critical to their business success.
  • 47 percent of respondents said their organizations are leveraging mobility as a platform to deliver new products and services
  • 45 percent of respondents said their organizations are using mobility to drive business processes and differentiate them from the competition.

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