Survey: Enterprises Show Little Interest in Building Windows Phone Apps

Appcelerator has published the results of a new survey that asks enterprise developers and those with related titles about interest in various mobile platforms. Apple came out on top, with 80 percent of those surveyed interested in making iPhone and iPad apps, about the same as six months ago. Android smartphones were third with 71 percent interest, a 7 percent increase over the last survey. However, Android tablets remain a distant fourth with 59 percent of developers interested, up from 52 percent.

By contrast, only 26 percent of enterprise mobile development experts were interested in making apps for Windows-based smartphones, and only 25 percent were in interested in Windows Tablet. Both of those are down from the previous study.

Notably, 60 percent of those surveyed believe Windows 8 will fail to catch on as a mobile platform.

Not surprisingly, Blackberry did even worse in the poll, with interest from only 12 percent of those surveyed.

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