Survey Finds Disagreement Between Mobile Developers and IT Managers

Survey Finds Disagreement Between Mobile Developers and IT Managers

A recent Appcelerator survey asked mobile developers and IT decision makers about various mobile development topics and found big differences in opinion between the groups. “The results suggest a disconnect — sometimes dramatic — between management ideas and developer reality,” noted the report. Some of the most striking examples included the following:

  • 65.3 percent of IT leaders say their company is “leading edge” or “somewhat ahead” in mobile; only 34.6 percent of mobile development pros agree.
  • 66.9 percent of IT leaders say IT (not line of business managers) are driving the mobile agenda; only 34.6 percent of mobile developers say the same.
  • 39.6 percent of IT leaders say they provide the mobile development tools for their teams; only 17.9 percent of developers say they use tools provided by the enterprise.
  • 70.6 percent of IT leaders who have used HTML5 say they’ve had a positive experience with the web standard; only 37.2 percent of developers say the same thing.

However, the two groups did agree that their biggest challenge is finding enough skilled developers, that projects are shipping more quickly and that they are supporting more mobile platforms.

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