Finding the Mime Type of a File

Finding the MIME type of a file is useful when you want to perform certain actions.

PS: I have placed a file named nature.jpg in the folder /home/sridhar before executing this class.

Code sample:

import java.nio.file.*;import*;public class FindMIMEType{   public static void main(String args[])   {      FindMIMEType findMIMEType = new FindMIMEType();      findMIMEType.proceed();   }      private void proceed()   {      Path filename = Paths.get("/home/sridhar/nature.jpg");            try       {         //This method probeContentType returns the content type of the file being considered         String mimeType = Files.probeContentType(filename);         System.out.println("MIME type of " + filename + " is " + mimeType);      }       catch (IOException ioe)       {         System.out.println(ioe);      }         }   }/*

Expected output:

[[email protected]]# java FindMIMETypeMIME type of /home/sridhar/nature.jpg is image/jpeg*/
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