Change the Output Format of a Date with TO_DATE

If you’re working with DATE fields in Oracle, and select this data, you’ll see the dates in the default output format.

Depending on your location, the default date format could be DD-MON-YYYY or something similar.

If you want to display dates in a different format, use the Oracle TO_DATE function.

For example if you want to display the date 10th Jan 2017 in a DD/MM/YYYY format, use the function like this:

SELECT TO_DATE('10-JAN-2017', 'DD/MM/YYYY') AS date_testFROM DUAL;

You can replace the ’10-JAN-2017′ part with a column that has the date value as well.

SELECT TO_DATE(start_date, 'DD/MM/YYYY') AS date_testFROM DUAL;

Or output in a different format:

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