How to Backup Your Entire Google Workspace

How to Backup Your Entire Google Workspace

How to Backup Your Entire Google Workspace

Making backups of your Google Workspace data is very important and necessary, whether you’re a business or an individual. Those backups you make will come in handy in any case of data loss or disaster. Google understands this principle, and as such, it offers a native DLP (Data Loss Protection) platform.

You can also export the Workspace data and save it manually to your local storage or cloud platform. The entire of this article explains the reasons to make Google Workspace backup and how you should go about it. Actually, it’s pretty simple to back up your Workspace data when you use a professional SaaS solution like SpinOne, which is one of the best Google Workspace backup solutions.

How To Backup Google Workspace in Three Simple Steps

Everyone using Workspace to improve productivity and collaboration, whether freelance teams or business groups, need to make backups of the data shared on the suite. Yes, Google makes automatic backups of Workspace data, but the RTO isn’t as flexible as you’d like. The best way to make an effective backup of your Workspace data, and be able to retrieve it at any time, is by using a third-party SaaS solution.

SpinOne is a highly-recommended Google Workspace backup tool available for everyone that uses the Workspace business tools. The SpinOne tool is offered as a SaaS, and it integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace – you can either install it from the official website or Google Workspace Marketplace.

With SpinOne, you can make Workspace backups in three simple steps without any panicking. Also, the dashboard is very intuitive, and you can easily navigate the tool to find the setting you want to activate and use. There are other similar third-party tools you can use, but SpinOne is personally recommended by Google.

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Step One: Get Started

Firstly, you have to start by downloading the SpinOne tool from the website or Google Workspace Marketplace. Once downloaded, complete the registration process and enter all required data regarding your business needs. (Note: You need to be a super admin on the Workspace account for you to integrate SpinOne successfully).

Step Two: Choose Your Cloud Storage

SpinOne works with three different cloud storage providers: Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP), and Microsoft (Azure). You have to choose your preferred cloud storage provider between these three companies. When you have identified the cloud platform you want the backup files to be stored on, you’ve completed more than 60 percent of the process.

You may want to do personal research on how these cloud storage providers work to determine which one is the best for you to choose. Backups give you confidence when you face data loss or hack; making backups is one of the ways to stay safe on the internet. So, you should carefully choose where to keep these backup files.

Step Three: Back Up Your Workspace

When you complete the two steps above, you can now activate and customize Google Workspace backup from your SpinOne dashboard. Yes, it’s pretty easy to set up SpinOne for Workspace backup; once the integration is completed successfully, you’re done. 

How To Backup Workspace Data Using Google Vault

First things first, Vault is not an enterprise data backup solution; it only allows you to export your Workspace data, or it can hold (store) the data for a limited number of days. Also, you can use Google Vault to run audits regarding your Workspace data and other supported Google services. 

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However, since Vault is included with Google Workspace Business and Enterprise plans at no additional cost, some people make use of it for the best it can do. With Vault, you can export Workspace data in standard formats and save them anywhere else. 

With all said so far, Vault is not a Google Workspace backup solution; as a company or enterprise, you should look out for SaaS solutions that allow flexible backup and restore processes for Workspace.

How to Backup Workspace Email?

Your SaaS backup solution for Google Workspace would also back up your emails. Typically SaaS Google Workspace backup tools backup every data share across the Workspace apps. That includes data from Calendar, Gmail, Documents, Spreadsheet, and the rest of them.

If you’re not using a SaaS solution, Google runs an automatic backup of Workspace data every 12 hours. You can recover these backups according to Google’s DLP policies. You can also export your Workspace emails using the “Export Tool” called Google Takeout.


To conclude, you can use SpinOne as an all-in-one SaaS Google Workspace data backup solution. SpinOne allows you to backup every data shared across all Workspace applications. You can also and the setup is achieved in just three steps. The benefits of making Workspace backups cannot be overstated for companies and large enterprises.


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