Convert a Decimal Number to Base N

Convert a Decimal Number to Base N

Here’s a function that converts a decimal number (base 10) to another base number system. Each digit position corresponds to a power of N, where N is a number between 2 and 36. In other words, if a number system’s base is N, then N digits are used to write numbers in that system. For example, the base 2 number system (binary) uses the digits 0 and 1, while the base 20 system uses digits 0 through K.

The ConvertDecToBaseN function accepts a double-value decimal number and a byte-value representing the base number between 2 and 36. By default, the base value used is 16 (hexadecimal). The decimal number is converted to a positive number if it’s negative. This function is useful for representing large numbers as strings, using fewer digit positions. I developed it to help reduce the footprint of several large numbers used in constructing a 16-character unique string ID. (Creating a complementary function to convert a base N number back into a decimal would be a great exercise.)

 Public Function ConvertDecToBaseN(ByVal dValue As Double, _	Optional ByVal byBase As Byte = 16) As String	Const BASENUMBERS As String = _		"0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"	Dim sResult As String	Dim dRemainder As Double	On Error GoTo ErrorHandler	sResult = ""	If (byBase < 2) Or (byBase > 36) Then GoTo Done	dValue = Abs(dValue)Do	dRemainder = dValue - (byBase * Int((dValue / byBase)))	sResult = Mid$(BASENUMBERS, dRemainder + 1, 1) & sResult	dValue = Int(dValue / byBase)Loop While (dValue > 0)Done:	ConvertDecToBaseN = sResult	Exit FunctionErrorHandler:	Err.Raise Err.Number, "ConvertDecToBaseN", _		Err.DescriptionEnd FunctionSample usage:ConvertDecToBaseN(999999999999#, 36)'Returns 'CRE66I9R
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