GetStringBetweenTags – Returns a string between 2 delimiters

GetStringBetweenTags – Returns a string between 2 delimiters

' Returns a string between 2 delimiters' Parameters:'    sSearchIn: String to search'    sFrom: First keyword'    sUntil: Second keywords'    nPosAfter: Gets the position after'' Example:'    Debug.Print GetStringBetweenTags("This is a sample of title",'  "", "")Public Function GetStringBetweenTags(ByVal sSearchIn As String, _    ByVal sFrom As String,  ByVal sUntil As String, Optional nPosAfter As Long, _    Optional ByVal nStartAtPos As Long = 0) As String   On Error GoTo ERROR_GetStringBetweenTags   Dim nLen1 As Long   Dim nLen2 As Long   Dim nLen As Long   Dim nLen3 As Long   Dim sFound As String   On Error GoTo ERROR_GetStringBetweenTags   nLen1 = InStr(nStartAtPos + 1, sSearchIn, sFrom, vbTextCompare)   nLen2 = InStr(nLen1 + Len(sFrom), sSearchIn, sUntil, vbTextCompare)   If nLen1 = 0 Or nLen2 = 0 Or IsNull(nLen1) Or IsNull(nLen2) Then      sFound = vbNullString         Else      nLen = nLen1 + Len(sFrom)      nLen3 = nLen2 - nLen      sFound = Mid$(sSearchIn, nLen, nLen3)         End If   GetStringBetweenTags = sFound   If nLen + nLen3 > 0 Then      nPosAfter = nLen   End IfEXIT_GetStringBetweenTags:   Exit FunctionERROR_GetStringBetweenTags:   GetStringBetweenTags = vbNullString   Resume EXIT_GetStringBetweenTagsEnd Function'========================================' You can find more routines like this on,'  a site devoted to  VB developers'========================================

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